Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hostess is back-for good?

[Picture taken on my recent visit to Tom Thumb.]
Hostess Brands, inc. is back to our favorite grocery stores. Popular before popularized by the movie Zombieland (2009), the company declared bankruptcy in 2012 and is now under a new management.

Some highlights of the comeback include 
  1. an additional shelf life of 45-day instead of previous 26-day,
  2. same price and 
  3. even more products.

People say the Hostess returned into business because there was a fan club, i.e. an existing loyal customer base who loved twinkies and would definitely buy! Interesting thing is the impact of increased shelf life keeping the price same. The product is right now marketed as 'the sweetest comeback in the history of ever'. We will see how the new company fares in times to come and how the fan-base reacts to this sweetest comeback. Early reports suggest that there is already a shortage due to high demands! What is the reason? New customers? Increased shelf-life? Or less production?

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