Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I follow?

To know what is latest in operations management (OM) and people who care about operations, I follow writings of experts in OM and business/economics/political news from various sources.

List of OM/OR Expert Blogs

  • Global Supply Chain Musings (Krannert): Prof. Ananth Iyer's blog from Krannert School of Management, Purdue. Prof. Iyer is Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Krannert. This blog is all about latest global supply chain events, their impacts and questions raised. 
  • Jay and Barry's OM Blog (OM Education Blog): This is a blog run by Prof. Render and Prof. Heizer, authors of Operations Management. This site is a mix of education related blogs on OM, guest articles on supply chain and OM in news.
  • Michael Trick's Operations Research Page (Tepper):  Professor Michael Trick's blog is full of tricks from OR, including technical and research topics, latest news, puzzles and a live discussion/forum about OR. 
  • The Operations Room (Kellogg):  "The Operations Room is a forum for discussing current topics in operations management (OM).  We have no particular agenda but are looking to identify interesting strategic and tactical developments in the field.  Along the way, we aim to create a catalog of articles on OM topics that is useful to both the Kellogg community and a wider set of readers. We take a broad view of operations.  Despite the propaganda poster factory above, we do not interpret operations as simply manufacturing.  Rather we think of operations as the on going work of the organization.  As such it has relevance for any industry, any market, any firm, any nonprofit organization, or any governmental agency.  We thus intend to cover a wide variety of settings and topics." - what they say about the blog. This is a well-written blog with videos, pictures and explanation about hot issues in operations. A good place to look for smart research areas and understand the latest developments.
  • Punk Rock Operations Research (Wisconsin Madison): Prof. Laura Mclay's blog is all about punk in operations. Prof. Mclay's blogs about interesting topics in OR, her in-class teaching experiences, how operations can be better taught in classrooms, and ways operations can be fun in action. She also blogs about commentaries from her professional career experiences as a PhD student and as a Professor now.

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